IRA promotes research driven capacity building that advances knowledge generation and sharing on natural resources management issues. IRA values learning by doing experiences that enhance skills and competence for understanding, communicating and managing natural resources. IRA views capacity building as a continuous process where researchers and students are engaged in multiple activities that strengthen capacity in their respective fields and create opportunities for them to be key actors in decision making process. The Institute of Resource Assessment, has managed numerous projects in developing countries that range in size and complexity from small workshops to very large multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, multi-country projects that involve multi-national investigators. IRA projects are executed in partnership with regional centers, developing country institutions and international organizations (e.g. IDRC, Mc Arthur Foundation, IGBP, WCRP, IHDP, WMO, UNEP, UNITAR, and SEI). The IRA role in these projects includes project planning and management, scientific direction, financial management, technical support, training, management of scientific peer review, performance monitoring, and report preparation.

Context of our work