IRA offers MSc and PhD courses in Natural Resources Assessment and Management (NARAM) which enables students to have relevant skills necessary for defining current national and global environmental issues and complex human-environment relationships; critically assessing the relationship between human-cultures and societies, institutions , economic and political trends and their impacts on natural resources. Both courses takes a critical look at the development in current global and national environmental thinking and evolving perspectives on society-environment relationships and engaging in research, writing and presentation skills.


MSc NARAM Courses

Course Code Course Title
RM 600 Perspectives in Resource and Environmental Management
RM 601 Integrated Research Methodologies
RM 602 Environmental Assessment
RM 603 Contemporary Issues in Resource Management
RM 604 Population, Development and Environment
RM 605 Development Planning in Natural Resource Management
RM 606 Tropical Ecosystem Management
RM 607 Applied Ecology
RM 608 Climate Change and Variability
RM 699 Dissertation



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