The course introduces participants to the field of environmental management by focusing on the procedures for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Management (SEA). Emphasis is therefore placed on the study of human impacts on the environment, and how to evaluate the importance of these impacts and regulate their effects, using EIA as the management tool. On completion of the course, participants should understand and be able to answer the following;

What is environmental science and environmental management?

What is an environmental impact assessment?

How does one undertake an environmental impact assessment?

What are the different stages through which an EIA goes?

What is the current status of EIA in Tanzania?

What legislation governs the EIA process in Tanzania?

What are the challenges facing EIA in Africa?

What is Strategic environmental assessment?

How does one undertake a public participation programme?

What is social impact assessment?

What principles should be observed when making environmental decisions?

What makes a good EIA?


Short course EIA