Climate and Maximum Temperature


The maximum temperature is the hottest temperature during the day. It is important for rice, maize and other crops because hot temperatures can restrict growth and yield.

Rice grows fastest at maximum temperatures of around 25° C., but growth slows if temperatures rise above 30° C. The plant is even more sensitive during the reproductive stage. Extreme heat events over 35°C for even a few hours can damage reproductive plant processes and lead to lower yields and, if lasting 10 days or more, cause complete sterility.

Maize does best under moderate temperatures and is vulnerable to warm temperatures. Ideal maximum temperatures are between 27 to 30°C. Temperatures above that, especially those above 35°C, lead to much lower productivity. Also, generally the warmer the temperature, the faster the plant completes its development (phenology). In warm temperatures such as in Tanzania, the more rapid phenology leads to lower yield as the plant matures rapidly before grains grow large, reducing yields.


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